If you think packing for a trip is a chore, this is for you: A list of essentials – the things you must pack

1.Electronic accessories: We know you won’t forget your phone because it’s attached to your hand but do NOT forget: Charger cords, ear buds and headphones, maybe a portable charger, whatever you need to stay in touch. Keep this stuff in a carry-on bag or on your person so you can get to it when you need it!
2. International electronic stuff: Be sure you have the right power adapter plugs so you can use your charger cord. And don’t forget to contact your provider well ahead of your trip so you don’t get slammed by a big bill for international charges.
3. Entertainment: We love books but they take up a lot of space and weight so download ebooks (and movies and TV) to your favorite device and maybe some games.
4. Cash and cards: If you want to buy a snack or meal on a plane, you’ll need a card. You won’t need much cash, but bring some. Tip: If you’ll be heading to another country, go to the bank and get a couple of hundred worth of local currency.
5.Documents and photos: Again, print your boarding pass and save it along with any luggage tags just in case there’s a problem with your flight or bags. If traveling internationally, photocopy your passport, carry a couple of extra passport photos and keep them separate from the original; it will be useful if you have to go to an embassy or consulate for an emergency replacement.
6. Snacks: You may not get hungry on that hour-and-a-half long flight from but short hops have been known to drag on for hours due to weather or mechanical problems so always carry a few granola or power bars or a similar portable snack.
7. Clothes you’ll really wear: The key word is comfort. Only pack clothes you love, that fit, and look good on you; if one of those three ingredients is lacking, you’ll just be wasting space. Follow a similar color scheme so the top from one outfit goes with the pants from another, etc. As for shoes, try to limit yourself to two pairs you know are comfortable; pack one, wear the other.
8. Bathing suit: Even if you’re not heading to the beach, toss a suit in your bag; there may be a pool at the hotel (or a trip to a lake). A suit takes up almost no room and weighs next to nothing.
9. Eye wear: Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory; bring them. If you wear regular glasses, pack an extra pair. Contacts? Don’t forget the solution.
10. Health essentials: Pack vitamins, daily medications, maybe some aspirin and upset stomach remedies plus a few Band-Aids. Complete the mini-first aid kit with hand-sanitizer wipes and use them on seatback tray tables (the most germ-ridden part of a plane).

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